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“The great care with which the subtle differences between samples could be discussed, but also actually could be produced , inspired much confidence in their craftsmanship…”

  • Sjoerd Soeters
    architect and urban planner at SoetersvanEldonkPonenc, Amsterdam
  • “Lovely, skilled, proud and sweet people. I create things for people and together with people, out of concrete with Giulio and Umberto and their team.”

  • Prof. Bruno Ninaber van Eyben
    Industrial designer
  • “Tomaello has embellished 200 service counters for us and they can be proud of a job well-done.”

  • Nederlandse Spoorwegen
    (NS, Dutch Railways)
  • “Tomaello’s craftsmanship and their input during a project guarantee an absolutely splendid result.”

  • Ballast Nedam Infra
    construction firm
  • “.. and then elaborating on all the possibilities for how to best realize the project. Whatever the problem is, they will find a solution for it.”

  • Gijs Bakker
    visual artist
  • “Instead of getting bogged down in endless discussions, they will solve the problems ‘on the table’ in close consultation and with a very constructive attitude.”

  • BBF Heijmans
  • “Here dear, funny and warm people create rock hard and gorgeous concrete.”

  • Irene Fortuyn
    visual artist
  • “Because of the perfect execution of the elements and the way they had thought through how to link them, the steps grew into a magnificent finale of the project...”

  • AGS
    Architects & Planners
  • “..and everything was possible. The best thing for any artist is that when you have a vision in your head, there is a company like Tomaello’s that can bring that vision to life.”

  • Wilma Kuil
    visual artist
  • “Our close collaboration has resulted in many beautiful elements of “Royal” substance over the years.”

  • Struyk Verwo Groep
    concrete products
  • “On behalf of her Majesty the Queen I would like to congratulate you and your staff...”

  • Office of the Royal Family
  • “Tomaello’s input and effort are always professional and dedicated. We share the same objective: creating a high-quality product.”

  • Karola Pezarro
    visual artist
  • “The moment you walk in the door, something immediately strikes you: the people working at Tomaello’s still have a passion for their work!”

  • Boele van Eesteren
  • “It was just perfect. The columns are magnificent: blond, loose and homogeneous. The columns are beautiful. The steps are perfect. Tomaello excells at creating an atmosphere of family warmth, collaboration and perfection.”

  • Karin Daan
    environmental designer
  • “The realization of the project was much to our satisfaction and I hope that any next project will be handled as well and as conscientiously as this one.”

  • Peter Struycken
    visual artist and advisor on visual arts to HRH Queen Beatrix
  • “Practically everything was executed according to the original design, however troublesome some details may have been.”

  • Jeroen Hoorn
  • “...that everyone working at Tomaello’s clearly enjoys placing high demands on the implementation.”

  • Herman Lamers
    visual artist
  • “During the test at the production facility, we were astonished by the employees’ expertise.”

  • Bontenbal Construction
  • “Made many samples, the end result always being the main objective. And the end result sure is something!”

  • VHP
    urban planners
  • “High quality combined with well-balanced, professional teamwork.”

  • Leontine Sies
    visual artist
  • “The things I remember most of Tomaello’s are their passion, temperament, their unbridled commitment and their craftsmanship. Tomaello’s terrazzo elements contributed to the fact that the Mariënburg project was awarded the title “Europe’s most beautiful shopping street.”

  • ING Real Estate
  • “So awesome, so beautiful: top-class.”

  • ENCI
  • “And they keep developing and improving themselves… They also don’t want to keep their knowledge just to themselves, as we could see during the International CPI Congress in Bonn, Germany.”

  • Prof H.W. Bennenk B Sc
  • “For ten years already the masterpieces they have crafted have been showing themselves off in the famous Dutch light that was depicted so strikingly by the painters of the 17th century.”

  • Anton Hinse
    architect and urban developer at Royal Haskoning
  • “This intricate assignment has been perfectly executed by Tomaello. Especially their involvement, the meticulous finishing of the products and their customer-oriented way of working...”

  • The city of The Hague
  • “... a company that uses all its expertise and for the benefit of the work of art.”

  • Joop Vaissier
    advisor on visual arts
  • “Time and again they offered new possibilities to best translate our idea, every time testing the limits of what was technically feasible. In the end we decided on a beautiful mix of coarse granules in green and golden yellow”

  • Huub Juurlink
    urban planning and landscaping
  • “Everything is handled in a flexible and relaxed way. I am happy to have come to know this company, which also supports starting young artists.”

  • Robèrt Guérain
    visual artist
  • “Moreover we have experienced the people at Tomaello’s to be modern and flexible. They have inventively thought along with us on how to achieve our goals, maintaining the highest quality.”

  • Molenaar & Van Winden
  • “From the very start our collaboration went very well...”

  • Arie Burgwal
    project manager for the city of Utrecht
  • “Thanks to Tomaello’s experience a splendid piece of work has been created. The concrete furniture exudes great quality, also because of the concrete’s well-compacted surface.”

  • Pieter Verhagen
    Buro Aronsohn
  • “One may well call it exceptional that this business relationship has continued up until today.”

  • Baauw
    trusted supplier since 1924
  • “This was exactly how the architect had pictured it.” “… and they have been as good as their word concerning the terms of completion and the quality of the product.”

  • Aan de Stegge
    Construction and Mechanical Engineering
  • “Your expertise and skill were exceptional, …., the way you patiently kept producing different colours, or again trying a different way of polishing, commanded respect.”

  • Kees van ’t Hoff
    project manager for the town of Hengelo
  • “ Tomaello’s they will think with you about the whole process of designing, down to the last detail, because of their great love for the material.”

  • Eline Ouwendijk
    visual artist
  • “Vesta values durability and quality of environment in which people live. The bench that Tomaello has created contributes to this aspiration.”

  • Ceres
    project developer
  • “Karres & Brands Landscape Architects and ROD’OR ADVICE obtained a unique wall in 2007, partly as a consequence of Tomaello’s specific knowledge and advice...”

  • Karres & Brands
    Landscape Architects and ROD’OR ADVICE
  • “An achievement that commands respect: both with regard to the end product as well as to the logistics. As an architect it was a pleasure...”

  • Gerard Kruunenberg
    Kruunenberg Architects
  • “Thanks to Tomaello’s enthusiasm and craftsmanship – both during the preparatory phase as well as during the execution – the end result was completely according to the architect’s wishes and the quality that we at Heijmans had envisioned.”

  • Henk Minnaard
    Heijmans Construction
  • “We developed the tables together with Tomaello, who are the specialists when it comes to terrazzo concrete. Partly thanks to their input - also in the design itself – the product turned out exactly as it should be. Their vast expertise, combined with their understanding of what the designer wants, made this a very successful project.”

  • Arjan Karssen
    industrial designer
  • “Their attention to every detail, their enthusiasm for my work, their sense that you have to work together in order to get the best result and not give up until that result has been achieved. Painstakingly producing as many test panels as needed until it was exactly right. We shared the same sensitivity for colours and materials: Tomaello’s contributed its technical knowledge and craftsmanship but was also aware of the emotional effect colours and materials can have. And they didn’t want make any concessions.”

  • Monaa van Vlijmen
    painter and designer
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