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For decades Tomaello Ltd. has been setting the trend in architectural concrete, terrazzo concrete, and natural stone. During the past 84 years the company has left its calling card in the form of a great number of splendid architectural, constructional and artistic projects, and is considered to be the most versatile specialist in its field.


Tomaello Ltd operated as a legally and commercially independent family business from 1924 until 2013. As of the 1st of January 2014 Tomaello has been part of the Van Dijk Maasland Group as an independent operating company. Thus ensuring that both our expertise and our experienced craftsmen have been preserved. The company can draw on an immeasurable amount of knowledge and experience that has been acquired over three generations.


During the past decade Tomaello has invested extensively in the latest technologies on automated equipment. Amongst other things we produce constructional and architectural elements, street furniture, art objects, public squares, promenades, building facades and cladding.


Investing in staff training to ensure a high level of professionality and quality.


Based on 90 years of experience, we can advise you on which materials best to use for a certain purpose. (for example: indoor or outdoor usage.)

Feasibility study
By your request Tomaello can conduct a feasibility study for projects intended for public space.

In the end it is always the client who will determine the colour, finishing and shape of the material. We are only here to translate your wishes into a splendid product: the end result of a close cooperation between designer and manufacturer, or as they say in Italian: “L’artista e l’artigiano”. , the artist and the artisan

We are able to successfully complete both small and major projects (> € 1.000.000) and we prefer to operate in that part of the market where the clients’ main interest is in commissioning products of the highest quality.

Added value…

Our customers expect the highest quality and the best price possible for that quality. Which is not necessarily the lowest price.. For Tomaello Ltd. has much more to offer than a good product at a reasonable selling price; like a solid organisation with over 90 years of experience, well-trained and higly motivated staff, modern equipment, a vast knowledge of concrete technology, and a passion for the trade. This added value is reflected in the excellent references of our clients.

We have realized projects by well-known firms like Karres en Brands, Juurlink en Geluk, Jurgen Bey, Droog Design, EGM, Mecanoo, Molenaar & Van Winden, Royal Haskoning, Benthem Crouwel, Claus en Kaan, Arcadis, Bosch-Slabbers en Mei Architecten.

During the past decades, Tomaello has shown proof of its skills with the realization of prestigious projects like the famous benches on the boulevard of Scheveningen, “Southern Headland” in Rotterdam, “The Sunken Ship” in Rijnsweerd, “the Flowersteps” in Vlaardingen, “Mariënburg” in Nijmegen, NS-project “Open Servicedesk“, Interpolis Tilburg, “Montevideo” in Rotterdam, , “Transvaal Park” in The Hague, “Hoekenrode” in Amsterdam, public cemetery “Nieuwe Ooster” in Amsterdam, and “Da Vinci” in Alphen aan de Rijn.


Tomaello has proven its skills during the last decades by realizing prestigious projects. Craftsmanship, professionality and a keen interest in new technological and social developments guarantee high quality results.

The production of architectural concrete, terrazzo concrete and the working of natural stone are based on a centuries’ old tradition. Carlo Tomaello was grew up with this tradition and thus provided the solid base for our company.

Product, people and experience play a pivotal role in the way we run our business…





Tomaello is a specialised and innovative family business that can translate the most diverse ideas of the client, designer or artist and put them into concrete shape, using architectural concrete, high-grade constructional concrete and terrazzo concrete.

Our custom made products can applied in indoor – and outdoor settings, in housing aand utility projects, civil engineering, art projects and landscaping.


It’s all about real people using Tomaello’s products on a daily basis. Whether it be bridges, stairs of benches: user experience is what matters.

That’s why we observe, listen and continually ask people what they think of our products. We adjust and improve when necessary and innovate on a daily basis. The consumer plays a central part in everything we do.


At Tomaello’s we listen to the people who actually use our products. Their experience is essential to our success and that of our clients. Your experience as a designer, an architect, an urban designer make the difference.

After almost a hundred years, we at Tomaello’s know what we are good at. We know all about the production process and about the (raw ) materials: we have been working them day in and day out. Always with an eye for detail.