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Tomaello and production

Specialist companies like Tomaello’s invest both in traditional craftsmanship and modern production processes. This combination ensures a wide range of possibilities.

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Drawing and calculating, colours and materials


Model and reinforcement, production and finishing


Transport and installation, care and maintenance


To be able to produce a high-quality prefab terrazzo concrete product, quality is of the essence in all parts of the process.

Below you will find examples of the various stages of this production process.

Computation and draughtsmanship

At your request Tomaello will take care of the technical drawings and calculations. The production designs of the prefab elements are made by us in Autocad.

If so desired we can make a project blueprint. You can e-mail us your technical drawings in dwg/dxf format, in care of Theo van der Plas(


Modelling and reinforcement

As soon as the model – and reinforcement drawings are complete, the model- and mould maker and the steel bender can get to work. A mould must meet very high demands. Shape and durability are basic requirements of course, but people must also be able to work with them in an efficient way. Tomaello manufactures its moulds out of wood, steel, rubber and synthetic material.

Natural Materials

The most prized possession of a concrete and terrazzo business is its knowledge and understanding of the materials. Some materials are more suitable for outdoor use, other materials should preferrably be used indoors. Tomaello prefers to use granite granules for outdoors objects, terrazzo squares and other types of paving because of their hardness and their resistance to wear.

Colours and composition

The appearance of architectural concrete, concrete and terrazzo is determined by the way in which granules, cement and – if necessary – pigments are being used. But also by the way the materials are treated.
Tomaello is leading when it comes to white, grey and coloured concrete. We use only the best ferrox/ natural iron oxide pigments for our products. Whenever possible we will colour the cement with natural and environmentally friendly products.

Tomaello always has around 100 different types of granite and marble in stock, which creates endless posibilities. Marble and granite granules form the basis of architectural concrete and terrazzo, but glass and mother of pearl can also be used in a creative way. Honest and durable materials like sand and gravel form the basis of white, grey and coloured concrete.

The production of concrete and terrazzo for the larger projects must take place under identical conditions. That is why, for example, at the end of each working day the manufacturing space is heated up to a standard 20º Celcius, to guarantee the right basic strength.

Freshly produced concrete is very susceptible to influences of heat in summer, dampness in autumn and cold in winter. That is why the after treatment is of the utmost importantance. In the picture on the left you can see how reinforcements are being installed in a mould intended for the production of benches. In the picture on the left you can see how terrazzo concrete is being levelled off

By treating the terrazzo conrete in a certain way we are able to create splendid architectural products. The main techniques we use at Tomaello’s are the washing, bush-hammering, sanding and polishing of the elements. From coursely sanded to brightly polished.

As a rule, most elements intended for use in public and outdoor space will be treated with an anti-graffiti coating. A lot of water is being used during treatments like washing, sanding and polishing, which will have an effect on the humidity level of the concrete or terrazzo element and thus also on its development.

"Good workmanship has to have a good design, because the design is in the nature of the workmanship. You can't separate workmanship from design".

  • Frank Lloyd Wright
    American architect, interior designer, writer and educator
  • "Samenwerking met Tomaello voor twee projecten, een in Oostburg en de andere in Arnhem was een groot feest. Een warme menselijke omgang, alsof je samen in een restaurant zit ergens in Italië.

    En dan eindeloos doorpraten over alle mogelijkheden hoe het project te realiseren is. Er is geen probleem te groot, alles wordt opgelost."


  • Gijs Bakker
    Industrieel ontwerper, Amsterdam
  • "Wat een slagvaardig en vakkundig bedrijf. In plaats van te verzanden in eindeloze discussies brengt men problemen ‘aan tafel in overleg’ door een zeer constructieve instelling tot een oplossing."

  • Jos den Oudsten
    Senior Projektleider Interpolis Tilburg en Zoetermeer
  • "Door de perfecte uitvoering en doordachte koppeling van de elementen groeiden de trappen tot een schitterend sluitstuk van het project Liesveld. Het was voor ons een hele uitdaging met het team van Wilma, Giulio en Umberto te mogen werken."

  • Hans Benckhuijsen
    AGS Architecten en Planners, Heerlen