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C. Tomaello

The history of Tomaello Ltd. starts in Venice, birthplace of Carlo Tomaello – founder of the original family business. In September of 1924 the business is established in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. During the following years it grows steadily and acquires a sound reputation as a terrazzo business.



After a successful period, in which clients and employees both steadily increase in number, first the Depression and subsequently World War II hit Europe. The Depression of the thirties also leaves deep scars in the construction industry. On the 1st of August 1934, both partners part ways. Carlo Tomaello continues the terrazzo business together with his sons Carlo Jr and Mario, later joined by his other sons Luigi and Nini.



v.l.n.r. met shawl Emanuele ('Nini'), Mario, Luigi (in witte overall), Carlo jr. Tomaello. Carlo sr. in het midden met hoed.After the war the supply of cement and marble granules from Italy, France and Germany slowly starts up again, as does the economy. Terrazzo kitchen work tops, windowsills and terrazzo (bathroom)floors are in great demand in both the private and the commercial sector. Soon the workshop becomes too small for the amount of work and in the mid-fifties the company relocates to the 3rd Industriestraat in Vlaardingen.



During the sixties a turbulent period of expansion follows.
Young, eager and hard-working craftsmen are recruited in Friuli and brought to the Netherlands because of the growing need for qualified staff. On the 11th of January 1963, Umberto Lenarduzzi (2nd from the left) joins the company. During the following decades he will turn out to be one of the most valued persons in the long history of this company.

Because of his studies at the School for Mosaics, MTS and HTS (Middle and Higher Technical College) and his vast experience, Tomaello Ltd. also becomes an excellent sparring partner for architects and clients who deal with the constructional side of projects. At present Mr Lenarduzzi is –among other things- responsible for the coaching of senior staff members in his capacity of Technical Manager.



Straight and austere shapes are fashionable, also in construction. Terrazzo as a product is becoming more and more unpopular and most terrazzo companies are experiencing hard times. Many of them have to close down or are forced to switch to other activities or products. The future looks bright for products made of prefabricated concrete. During this period Tomaello acquires the knowledge of constructional concrete that enables the company to produce their high-quality products for construction purposes in the decades to come.

The design of the unique prefabricated terrazzo shower cubicle is further developed by Tomaello. During the following years this design will be massively applied in counsel housing. Tens of thousands of terrazzo floors are produced for housing association “Elementum” in Maassluis. Tomaello also supplies washed concrete balconies to another phenomenon of the 60s and 70s : the Kwaaitaal brothers. The front of the grey, prefabricated balconies made for SSN in Delft are fitted with wood texture.

Tomaello introduces white Carrara clay in the Netherlands. Kitchens and kitchen work tops are on display for consumers in our modern showroom. The application of concrete floors and glass mosaics in commercial buildings is in high demand. Examples are major chain stores like C&A and V&D, and the NS (Dutch Railways), who commissioned these for –among others- the main hall of The Hague Central Station.

Commissioned by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture of prof. Rem Koolhaas, Tomaello produces the large terrazzo façade, the stairs and the steps of the Byzantium appartment complex in 1989/1990.



The combination of constructional and architectural concrete proves to be a successful one. In 1989 Giulio Carlo Tomaello joins the company, and with him the third generation of Tomaello’s has now become involved in the family business. Comapany director Emanuele ‘Nini’ Tomaello dies on October 29th 1991.

Tomaello Ltd works its way to the top in the Benelux with special projects in architectural concrete and prefab terrazzo. It is a period of major investments: in machinery and staff, the business premisses, and in measures and techniques that benefit work-safety and the environment. Quality becomes the key word.

On September 1st 1994, the 75th anniversary of the company is celebrated extensively. Former managing director Mario Tomaello lays the foundation stone for the new production facility in the presence of a large gathering of business contacts, family members and friends. Mario Bernardo – the last managing director of the second generation of Tomaellos- passes away on December 12th 2000, 78 years of age.

Over the years, the working relationship with specialized companies Struyk Verwo Infra and Smits Neuchâtel takes more and more shape. Influential people like the famous architect Rem Koolhaas and National Architect Wytze Patijn, top designers Gijs Bakker, Peter Krouwel, Friso Kramer, Benno Premsela and Joan Busquets, Rudi Fuchs (managing director Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam) and former prime-minister Wim Kok all become familiar with Tomaello’s products.



 De International Council of Shopping Centers bekroont de Marikenstraat tot 'de mooiste winkelstraat van Europa'.The third millennium starts with the massive Mariënburg project in the city of Nijmegen. Tomaello supplies prefab elements of architectural concrete, 5500 m2 terrazzo, coloured and grey concrete, but also all of the natural stone. The International Council of Shopping Centers awards the Marikenstraat the title “the most beautiful shopping street in Europe”.

Tomaello has proven its expertise in constructional, architectural and artistic areas with numerous prestigious projects. To name just a few: Mariënburg in Nijmegen, cemetery “De Nieuwe Ooster” in Amsterdam, the Minestry of Defense in The Hague, Holland Boulevard at Schiphol Airport, MAS museum in Antwerp, Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, the JuBi Tower in The Hague, Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam.


Since 2013, Tomaello – including its experienced craftsmen - has been functioning as an independent operating company, as part of the Van Dijk Maasland Group.